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Welcome to FastMoney4Cars

Being in the car business for over a decade, we recognize problems general public has when the time comes to sell the car that have been in the household for a while and it is hard to let go. Some of the problems and inconvenience is trying to sell your car on your own and have bunch of strangers come to your house and more than likely waste your time.Most of the time they don’t even show up and you end up missing a day of work or missing a really important appointment altogether. On the other hand,some of the cars are in serious need of the repairs and people generally get stranded and ask themselves “who will buy my car in this condition”? WE WILL!

Running or not, dead or alive, in serious need of repairs or just fine automobile, we buy it all! In our line of business we developed contacts with numerous junkyards, salvage yards and auto auctions nationwide,so we can proudly say that we can pick up your car no matter where it is in USA ! Our network of auto auctions and similar companies in the same industry, allows you to get a quote, get paid on the spot and your vehicle picked up within 24 hours and depending where you at even within a few hours. You are just a phone call or a “click” away of getting rid off your car for good. Even though we built our business primarily focused on purchasing old, unwanted or junk cars, we also buy motorcycles, vans, boats…etc in running condition.